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  • wood in the forest off our road, and the news of our c
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  • he natives had started running away, but we soon
  • heard the native war-cry being taken up from hill to hill rou
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o succeed with them I must keep up an attitude of fearlessness. After my interpreter had spoken, a guide came forward to conduct me to the chief, whose name

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was Karuri. Accompanying the guide to the chief’s kraal, I was met by Karuri, who demanded to know what I wanted. This important personage, who to-day colle

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cts the hut tax for the British Administration, would hardly be recognized as the savage warrior chief who now stepped forward to meet the first white man he

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had ever seen in his own country (as before explained, others had thought it more prudent to go round the outskirts). It was a strange meeting, and one which